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I'm Megan.

I'm Megan Martin. And for the past 5 years, I've been building a 6-figure digital business on my own terms. I share the REAL bts of creating products, building a brand, and scaling for passive profit with courses, memberships, templates, downloads, and more.

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Master Passive Income

I teach creatives and entrepreneurs how to turn what they know, love, do, and are passionate about into what they can sell through digital products like online courses, downloads, templates, and more.

I've helped 1,000's of students create sustainable, scalable income online. Now it's your turn! 👇

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Revenue Ripple™ Go from idea to digital income in 30 days 

Uncover your profitable and irresistible digital product idea.

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Set up your S.M.A.R.T. Sales Funnel so it runs on auto-pilot.

Implement my 30-day launch plan to start making an impact!

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"I haven't been able to take such sweeping steps in the right direction with my digital product until I worked with Megan in Revenue Ripple."

Her system is smart, simple and flows seamlessly and naturally from step to step. The progress I've made in the last 30 days is equal to the amount I've made in the past 6 months!

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